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Available Puppies

 We have Winter Puppies, January 2018

Socialization is about exposing your Mi-Ki puppy gradually and systematically to different types of people, places, things, surfaces,noises, touch (from you and strangers), other dogs and other species of animals.

Socialization is all about setting the dog up for success introducing them to each new situation in such a manner that they will not be afraid. My puppies leave here confident, happy,people oriented, and eager to learn.

For more information about out puppies please call 561-577-4126

Please Note, puppies held back for show/breeding may become available at a later date, please keep checking back, under tab is if they are reserved, deposit taken, or available, if it says pending, deposit has been sent and we are waiting on it. any question please call/email


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Don’t forget you can see videos of new puppies to see them grow under see me grow videos or under video tab